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At Graaph Design we know that design benefits immensely from collaboration. We believe that the client is central. It's your desires, ideas and input generally that we use to guide the process and ultimately realise the architectural vision. Our spaces are always created for comfort and beauty, our favourite combination. As an architecture firm, our philosophy is minimum eco-impact but maximum effect. Here are a few of our design goals.

Site harmony

As the beginning of the idea the site is incredibly important. We assess features of the site, noting constraints, possibilities and views. From here we can determine the best design strategy to meet a client's needs and goals. Above all we aim to harmonise the design with the surroundings. As a well-respected architecture firm in Victoria, that's our mission and our pledge.

Sustainable energy

Energy usage is so important these days that we design in accordance with the latest energy research and developments. We design buildings and homes to last in terms of style and structure. So over a lifetime, energy plays a crucial role. From renewable energy sources, solar design, natural ventilation, low-energy lighting, high insulation and much more, we're the architecture firm that gets it right. Call us today and speak to one of our consultants in Victoria about energy-saving commercial developments, retail projects, and interior fitouts. 

Beauty of design

Graaph Design is an architectural firm that believes very strongly in two important points: form and function. Not only does design have to perform well in terms of function, it has to inspire and uplift time and time again. There's a knack to getting beauty right. But we know how it's done. With over twenty years of experience we've been perfecting the art of building design. To get the benefits of our integrity and commitment, call us today in Victoria for state-of-the-art design solutions.

A restaurant in Victoria designed by our architecture firm