Graaph Design, the building and interior design specialists

Striking designs at affordable rates

Graaph Design Pty Ltd is a truly original design firm specialising in exquisite interior design solutions. Based in Victoria we've established ourselves as one of the leading building design firms, winning numerous awards and making visions a reality. For over twenty years we've been serving a broad clientele with our artistic designs based on solid practical style and eco-conscious innovation. Don't compromise your dream home or business. For the recognised experts in interior design call us today.  

Contemporary design

For unrivalled interior design Graaph Design in Victoria is the one to see. If it's contemporary innovation you're after, with a depth and clarity of space, then our expert team of design professionals can help. Through creativity and originality we provide interior design solutions that are structurally sound and visually striking. 

From bold statements, to simple, classic elegance, our range of contemporary solutions is exactly what you need for modern living.

Modern renovation

Capturing a whole range of possibilities, modern renovation is one interior design solution we know a lot about. From open-plan conversions to large-scale redevelopments like adding an extra storey to an existing property, we have the award-winning experience to make the line and the letter a sophisticated reality. Call us in Victoria today.

Sustainable design

Whether its retail, residential, hospitality, public or commercial office design, we seek to outdo all expectations. Our interior design solutions incorporate architectural elegance with a sustainability ethos. From preliminary design right through to post-construction, we ensure that the innovation and artistry we create becomes a sustainable reality. We do this through extensive research and committed expertise.

A fireplace as part of interior design in Victoria
A sitting room in Victoria after our interior design services